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Bespoke vehicle upholstery in Darlington and beyond

Do you have a vehicle you love but the original stitching and upholstery is starting to fade? At Moortrim, we would love to hear from you and help bring your vehicles interior back to its former glory! We cover everything within a vehicle's interior. From the roof to the floor, we have the knowhow to get it done.

Offering bespoke vehicle upholstery to cars, vans, motorhomes, caravans, motorbikes, boats and horseboxes, you can rest assured that we can sort it out! Still unsure? Get in touch with us via our contact page.

Want to see more of our work? Visit our product gallery.

Close up on black leather upholstery with green diamond stitching_edited_edited.jpg
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Seat upholstery

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Looking to give your car's interior a new look? Maybe your seats need repairs? At Moortrim, we can handle any of your seat upholstery needs. 

Looking to give your car's interior a new look? Maybe your seats need repairs? At Moortrim, we can handle any of your seat upholstery needs. 

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Picture of 3 black car seats with white diamond upholstery.jpg
close up on red leather crosshatched upholstery_edited.jpg
Black and green upholstered mercedes van seats sun shining.jpg
2 White leather mercedes vito 638 seats with diamond stitching in home_edited.jpg

View more examples of our seat upholstery within our galley.


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Suffering from a saggy headliner? You may be interested in our professional headliner upholstery! We can fit you with a bespoke upholstered headliner, making your car's interior look as good as new. 

Black volkswagen golf headliner on workshop top.jpg
Red Mercedes vito headliner upholstery propped up on fence outside.JPG
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A, B & C Pillars

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At Moortrim Auto Upholstery we offer comprehensive A, B & C pillar upholstery ensuring every part of your car's interior is looking fresh.

Red mercedes vito A pillar upholstered_edited.jpg

A Pillar reupholstery

Red mercedes vito A & B Pillar upholstered.JPG

B Pillar reupholstery

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Door cards

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Don't let wear and tear on your doors ruin your vehicle. At Moortrim Auto Upholstery we will find the best design and material suited to your needs and wishes and restore your door to its former glory.

White leather mercedes vito 638 door cars with diamond stitching_edited.jpg

White leather door card

Black and orange upholstered door card outside and open.JPG

Mercedes Vito W638 reupholster

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Upholstery Repair

At Moortrim Auto Upholstery, we give your vehicles a new lease of life with our bespoke upholstery repairs. Have a look at one of our examples below.

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Ripped BMW black leather car seat in workshop.jpg


When this BMW seat was brought in, it was in urgent need of repair. The airbag had deployed and ripped the stitching away leaving it a mess.

For all your vehicle upholstery needs, get in touch by calling us on: 07503 145614

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Still unsure? Check out our great customer reviews 

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Great workmanship - 5 Stars


Great craftsmanship, the work done by George is top class and gives a first class service in delivering his work. I wouldn’t go anywhere else when I require a similar service in the future


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